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Valuing Our Past to Create Our Future

As a law firm based in St Helens for more than 100 years we value and celebrate our heritage and our connection to our local community in St Helens. As a further commitment to our community we are delighted to be moving our Head Office to one of St Helens most prominent and historic landmarks, the grade II listed former headquarters of Pilkingtons’ Glass, Alexandra Park.

The building is a fine example of 1960’s architecture, an imposing landmark on the St Helens Skyline but it is much more than simply a familiar complex of buildings, it is an integral part of the town’s social and economic history, and it’s in this fact that we find our commonality. Being a business sat on the St Helens high street for over 100 years we saw many of our clients emanate as employees of Pilkington’s Glass. Pilkington’s as a respected employer, brought people in from near and far, providing jobs in the local communities for decades. Many of those former employees remain as our clients today along with their families.

The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Frodshams was originally established by JJ Frodsham in the early 1900’s, it passed from Uncle to nephew, then father to son, and we as Frodshams Solicitors today look to continue to uphold those close connections and values through our clients and our community relationships. Pilkingtons’s Glass has been a staple of the St Helens Industry since it began operating in 1826 and we endeavour to do the same within Frodshams continuing our commitment to the local community.

The move also allows us to not only enjoy being part of this historic local site, but it will allow us to expand to meet your needs as our client base continues to grow.

Whilst the heart of our firm remains local in St Helens, we find our clients have taken us with them over the years into further regions expanding our footprint beyond that of our St Helens boundaries, and into regions across the North-West and it is a pleasure to still be at your side.

We are proud that we can look to celebrate our heritage and our passion for people through this move and we aim to continue to provide our clients with exceptional legal service for the next 100 years.

No matter where we are, the same will remain, in that the core values of our firm will always focus on our client and community relationships. We look forward to welcoming all of our clients and staff to our new offices.

At Frodshams solicitors we understand that all clients are unique with differing needs. That is why we take the time to listen and understand before we act. Knowing our clients is central to our ethos, and this means we bring compassion, care, understanding and the legal expertise needed to enable you to reach your personal, family and financial goals. So, whether you are buying a new home and need conveyancing support, or need a helping hand when life is difficult you know that you can rely upon us to provide legal excellence delivered with care.