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Wills And Estate Planning

Kirsty Strong

Head of Private Client

Kirsty Strong leads the private client team. To contact Kirsty please call 01744 626 600 or email

Nobody likes to think about their death and many people think that Wills and Estate Planning are not necessary or relevant to them.

But if you die without having made a will the effects on your Estate and loved ones may be far from what you envisaged would happen.

At Frodsham’s Solicitors we help guide you through the relevant considerations that you need to think about, bringing sensitivity and respect to the process.

Whether you need a single will for a modest estate or if your needs are more complex, we can provide advice and assistance to ensure that you pass on your assets exactly as you wish, sparing your loved one’s additional stress at an already difficult time.

To contact a member of the team click on the email link below, contact us via or telephone 01744 626 600

Expert Team Of Will Solicitors

Our team have many years of experience in helping clients and their families navigate the legal process during some of life’s most challenging and difficult times. Our Private Client Director, Kirsty Strong, heads the team of 5 solicitors and 2 trainee solicitors and has been working in this area since 2009, handling some difficult and complex matters in that time.  Our Managing Director, Amanda Woods works alongside the team and has more than 20 years of experience working with the elderly and vulnerable client.

Our solicitors have experience in all aspects of private client law, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our knowledge stays up to date, in order to give you the best service possible. They have between 1 and 10 years of experience in the area. We make sure that junior solicitors and members of staff are supported and supervised appropriately so that the quality of advice is not affected, regardless of who is working on your case.

We also employ a team of around 5 legal assistants into the dept. who do much of the day to day work on cases. Although they are not legally qualified, they have between 2 and 30 years’ experience, have received extensive training within our firm and work under the direct supervision of a solicitor with at least 5 years post qualification experience.

We have a proven track record in achieving an effective and caring service throughout our departments. You can find out more about our price information on our website.

Wills And Estate Planning

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Signing A Will

Wills and Estate Planning Guide

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What is a Will?

A will is a document which takes effect on death and in which you decide who can benefit from your Estate.

Your Estate being everything that you own on death.

Why should I make a Will?

If you die without having made a will the effects on your Estate and loved ones may be far from what you envisaged would happen.

The Intestacy Rules will decide who can benefit from your Estate if you die without having made a valid Will.

The strict application of these rules can leave many loved ones disappointed. Stepchildren, close friends, and partners who are not married or in a civil partnership will not benefit under these rules.

Who can make a Will?

Anyone who is over 18 years of age and has full mental capacity can make a will. In some circumstances it may be possible to draft a Will for someone who does not possess the requisite mental capacity, this is known as a statutory Will and is made via the Court of Protection.

When making a Will you must ensure it is drafted correctly and conforms to the legal requirements otherwise it will fail, and your beneficiaries will lose out.

Considerations when making a Will?

Some important aspects to consider when making a Will include:

  • Marriage and the effects on your existing Will and Estate
  • Divorce and the effects it can have on your existing Will and Estate
  • Disinheriting someone and the affects it can have on your Will and estate
  • Complex family circumstances and providing for them within your Will
  • Children under 18
  • Providing for a vulnerable and/or disabled Beneficiary
  • Considerations of long-term care arrangements
  • The blended family – second marriages, children from previous marriages and step-children
  • Family disputes
  • Tax
  • Expected windfalls in the future
  • Any gifts made within your lifetime

Types of Wills

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Basic Wills
A basic will help you to provide for your loved ones.
Wills That Provide for The Vulnerable or Disabled
Sometimes a Will may require more than basic drafting as it needs to provide for more complex circumstances.
Statutory Wills
If you lack the mental capacity to make a Will it may be possible to apply to the Court of Protection to make a Will on your behalf.
Advance Directions or Living Wills
These terms are inter-changeable. An Advance Direction or Living Will is a document in which you can set out your wishes for your future care and medical treatment should you need it in the future, and you lack the mental capacity at that time to enable you to give your own directions.
Wills and Care Home Issues
You may wish to consider how you can make provision within your will to protect your assets from being used to fund future care home fees.
Varying a Will and Redirecting Your Inheritance
It is possible for you as a beneficiary of a deceased’s estate to redirect your inheritance share by either altering the terms of the deceased’s Will or where the deceased died without a Will, by writing a posthumous or notional Will for the deceased.
Inheritance Tax
Planning will give you the opportunity to make maximum use of the tax reliefs and exemptions that may be available to you for any Inheritance Tax liability you might have.
Making Gifts
Small gifts may not be considered when calculating the Inheritance Tax liability on death. Currently gifts of £3000 and under can be made and these will fall within the annual exemption. Regular gifts out of income and one-off gifts for family marriages may also be made free of the Inheritance Tax radar.
Reducing Inheritance Tax by Giving to Charity

From 6 April 2012 if you leave 10 per cent or more of your net Estate to a qualifying charity your Estate may qualify to pay Inheritance Tax at a reduced rate of 36 per cent.

Inheritance Tax reliefs
There are certain types of property that qualify for a full relief from Inheritance Tax or a discounted value for Inheritance Tax purposes.
I want to make a Will
If you want to make a will, need advice, or just want to talk things through please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email, telephone, or personal attendance. Where attending an office is difficult, we are more than happy to visit you at home.

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Client Feedback

“We had a great experience with Frodsham’s. They dealt with our purchase incredibly quickly and navigated the pressures our buyer was putting on us throughout the process. Sue King was very responsive, calm and honest and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and Frodsham’s. I also want to mention Claire on reception-often when I phoned it was in extremely stressful situations and Claire was always so lovely and helpful, giving us information or passing us through quickly. We highly recommend and will be using them again in the future.”

“Frodsham’s are so supportive and helpful. They supported me through a very difficult time, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me. From the receptionist to Kirsty, our solicitor, I could not fault them as a team. The team are all very down to earth and I felt confident that they would explain everything to me in a way I could understand. Well done and thank you.”

“We were extremely pleased with Frodsham’s. Rachael and Sue are a real credit to this firm, their customer service was fantastic and kept us up to date throughout the whole process. Even when we were facing unforeseen issues Rachael and Sue were there to fight our corner and ensure our move happened. We simply cannot fault them, and 5 stars is not enough!”

“Kirsty Strong provided us with a great service and went out of her way to assist us whenever others couldn’t, we will be forever grateful.”

“I recently used Paula for some family advice and I also made a Will through Frodsham’s. Paula was empathetic and clear at a difficult time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Frodsham’s to anyone seeking legal advice. Thank you for looking after me.”

“I would like to start by saying I cannot recommend this company enough. I recently had to get an urgent Power of Attorney for my Father as he was taken into hospital with Covid-19. This was an extremely stressful and worrying time for my family and I, which without a doubt would have been more difficult without the help of Frodshams. Kirsty dealt with everything from start to finish with complete professionalism and empathy. She understood the urgency of the situation and went above and beyond her duty of care as a solicitor to ensure everything was in place. My family and I are extremely grateful and will certainly be using Frodshams again in the future.”

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