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International Women’s Day

As a predominantly female practice, at Frodshams Solicitors we are proud of the amazing women who make our firm what it is today; a firm which delivers legal excellence combined with a real commitment to making sure that each of our clients receive a level of service which goes far beyond that expected. As a firm we are committed to equality and diversity both in principle and importantly in practice.

As women all over the world came together to mark International Women’s Day 2022, some of our team share their thoughts and stories about what being a female in a predominantly male focused industry means to them and charting who has inspired them through their careers.

Claire Dorries, Receptionist

Claire is often the first person to greet our clients when they call or visit the office in St Helens. Claire has worked in the legal sector for over 35 years, in that time she has seen many things change but one change that she has noticed is the impact of Women in Law.  Claire comments:

‘When I first started working in legal practice life as a woman was very different, the solicitors and partners were mostly men and you could only address them by Mr or Mrs (the latter being a rare case) and not by their Christian names – there was a real sense of hierarchy.  At one firm I worked at there was a dress code for women which comprised of a white blouse, black skirt and black shoes only. I now enjoy being part of the firm that embeds equality in practice which is great as you truly feel that you are treated as an Individual.’

Rachael Howe, Director and Head of Conveyancing

Rachael is a young Director aged 31 and whilst it is International Women’s Day, Rachael wanted to talk about being inspired by a man during her career:

‘I have been very lucky to have been brought up by a very strong woman, my mum. I could talk about her all day. I am also surrounded by  women who are passionate about empowering others, but I do however want to mention a man who empowered me early on in my career. It wasn’t until I was 21 and just out of University, I came across a male manager who really instilled confidence in me. It was a job outside of the legal sector, but still within property. I was feeling lost about where to go next. He helped me see that I was capable of so much more.  When talking to a group of Brokers (a very male dominated area) I realised I knew so much and was able to talk to them confidently. He never once made me feel any less then my male counter parts and gave me the confidence I needed to go back to Law School and pursue my career in Law.’

Sue King, Trainee Solicitor and Paralegal

Having studied for a Law Degree, Sue took a 7-year career break to bring up her two Daughters. In 2020 she decided it was the right time for her to go back to work as an assistant in a Law Firm. She was unfortunately, made redundant due to the pandemic but did not let this stop her. At the end of 2020 she joined Frodshams where she has been an integral part of the team, being promoted to Paralegal and has been offered a training contract in just six short months. Sue will qualify as a Solicitor in July 2023 and had this to say;

‘To be surrounded by influential women in Frodshams has boosted my confidence and made me feel that nothing is impossible.’

Kirsty Strong, Director and Head of Private Client

Kirsty is a Director and Head of the Private Client team and is aged 34 years of age.  She wanted to talk about her role model:

‘I was recently asked during a Leadership course who my role model was, this was intended to be a well-known person but I couldn’t think of anyone I admire more than my friend Stef. I’ve been friends with Stef for many years and I am yet to see her drop the ball. She leads from the front, setting an inspirational example always. Whenever I see or speak to Stef about work, she always leaves me inspired, energised and ready to make the most of my life. She’s persevered and worked hard, made it to the top at an incredibly young age and still somehow found the time to bring others up with her. She leaves an incredible and positive mark on all those she touches – she awakens hope, strength, ambition, compassion and grace. She is a profound woman and an incredible leader. She is everything International Womens Day celebrates.’

Carly Madsen, Solicitor, Private Client Department

Carly Madsen, Solicitor in our Private Client department commented:

‘I find it extremely motivating to work for a firm in which all our directors are women. Being a newly qualified solicitor and working with female role models means that I constantly feel inspired to progress and be the best I can be in my career and as an individual. I am also very fortunate to be involved with the training of others in the department and contributing towards the empowerment of other female members of staff in the firm.’

Michelle Howard, Marketing and Leadership Consultant Supporting Frodshams 

Michelle is a skilled consultant in strategic development with over 25 years of extensive cross-sector experience in the UK, with experience gained across Legal 500 law firms, leadership consultancies, an innovation centre and public sector organisations in a range of leadership roles.  She is working alongside the Frodshams team and was asked about the women that she admired.

‘There are many women whom I have admired and continue to admire throughout my personal life and my career. From Audrey Hepburn who was an Actress but also Humanitarian to friends and colleagues who continue to inspire me for their ability to continue to grow as individuals, showing resilience and determination often in the face of adversity. However, I cannot go without saying how much I admire the team at Frodshams Solicitors who are not afraid to be women who have ambition but who truly care about their clients, their community and each other. To all women – be strong, be brave, be sure and show your inherent kindness in all that you do. You are incredible!’

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International Women's Day 2022