From our location in St Helens we can help those who need support gaining probate and dealing with the administration of a loved
one’s Will.


If a person died having made a valid Will then the Will provisions will determine how the Estate is to be divided and distributed. The Will will nominate people to act in the administration of the Estate and these people are referred to as Executors.


And if a person dies without leaving a Will they are said to have died “Intestate” and Intestacy Rules apply. In this instance Government rules determine how the proceeds of the Estate are divided and spread between those in the Will.


Our solicitors can assist with the following;


  • Obtaining the Will
  • Valuing the Estate
  • Collecting the assets of the Estate
  • Settle any outstanding debts (and pay the Tax man)
  • Distribute the assets

Our Solicitors understand this is a difficult time and will act with the greatest sensitivity and sympathy whilst also being highly efficient. We are not restricted to providing our Probate services within the St Helens area and we can act throughout the North West. Hence your location is no longer a problem to our acting on your behalf.


If you require further information on the services our probate solicitors can offer please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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