From offices in Wallgate our Wigan solicitors are ideally placed to be able to provide itemised costs to complete the probate process.


As probate solicitors our aim is to ensure that an individuals objectives are met at the point a person passes away. This is generally a straight forward process but matters can get contentious if differing members of the family dispute the Will. Part of our role is to write a detailed Will that satisfies the needs of our client, but is also easy to interpret and removes all ambiguity.


Our probate team are able to provide help;


  • Making a Will.
  • Providing Inheritance Tax planning.
  • Trusts.
  • Advising on probate law
  • Carrying out the administration of the Estate

At the point family members, or the Executors of the Will, need probate support we can assist with;


  • Protecting the estate
  • Applying for the Grant of Representation
  • Distributing the Estate according to the directions listed in the Will
  • Paying all liabilities (including to HMRC)

Our role is to act as specialists and ensure that the probate process moves as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Additionally we can provide our services on either a fixed costs basis or an hourly rate.


In the first instance please contact our Wigan legal team on 01942 582190 and we’ll advise you of the legal fees and timeframes involved.



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