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Renovating a Home…

When your house needs renovating it can be daunting to put it onto the market fearing that people won’t want a home that needs further work. But often this is furthest from the truth. There are lots of people who want to buy a house as an investment peace or somebody who wants to make their house their own; and your house will provide them with the perfect opportunity to do so. If you need to put your house onto the market, knowing it needs renovating, here are five key tips for you to consider.

Be clear on who will be interested in buying your house. Property developers, buyers who are seeking an investment piece for their buy-to-let portfolio or buyers constrained by a budget will all be interested in taking on a house which needs renovation. Whether selling your house on the open market or via auction by marketing your house directly to your target market, you are likely to realise far greater returns and a quicker sale.

Identify the best features of the property and focus on selling these. For example, the floor plan, garden area or perfect location – all of these would be of interest to buyers of an investment home.

Declutter both indoors and outdoors. This will make it easy for a potential buyer to see the investment opportunity and will motivate them to view and potentially buy.

Identify any potential grants which may be applicable to an interested buyer for example, home or greener energy grants should the house require a new install of central heating or further insulation.

Finally, it is important to manage your own expectations around pricing. Regardless of its features a home which requires renovation needs to be priced realistically. Too high and it can put off a potential buyer. You need to bear in mind the extent of the renovation which is required.

In following these tips, you are likely to realise a sale that is right for you and make a buyer very happy in the process.

At Frodshams Solicitors, we work alongside local estate agents to  support you with the conveyancing process. This article is provided by Abode Sales and Lettings, a local, independent estate agent. To contact the team at Abode Sales and Lettings, telephone 01695 632123 or 01257 676123 Whatsapp 07368 572452 or email


Renovating a Home?