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Moving house can be exciting but it can also be stressful and getting you to completion as smoothly as possible is a priority for us. Three vital ingredients to our service are:



We deliver a proactive service rather than just a response service. We look to move your matter through the process as efficiently as possible.


Transparency on costs – no hidden extras.

We will tell you from the outset exactly what the legal costs will be. If your matter doesn’t progress to completion then we will not apply the quoted charges.



We look to keep you fully informed with regular unprompted updates and without the confusing legal jargon.


Purchase of Property or Land.

If you are buying the property with the aid of mortgage finance you have probably already had your borrowing agreed by the mortgage company. If that is the case then you will need to tell your mortgage adviser that you are now ready to proceed and provide him or her with your solicitor’s details.


Sales of Property and Land.

Once you have accepted an offer for the sale of your property then you will need to choose a solicitor to act in the sale.


The solicitor will need your title deeds to send information about your property to the buyer’s solicitor.



A remortgage (also known as refinancing) is the process of paying off one mortgage with the proceeds from a new mortgage using the same property as security. The term is also used when securing a new mortgage on a previously un-mortgaged property.


Leases, Tenancies of Residential Property for Landloards and Tenants

Leases and tenancies are used to devolve property ownership to another for a specific period of time. The landlord can retain some control over the tenant’s occupation/ownership by placing conditions and restrictions in the Lease or tenancy agreement.


A Licence is normally created where a person is granted the right to use premises without becoming entitled to exclusive possession of them.


Transfer of Equity

Equity is the residual value of an asset once any mortgage or liability secured on it has been paid. You can transfer this equity (residual value) to someone by way of deed and the process of transferring it is known as a transfer of equity.


Deeds of Gift

It is possible for you to give away the ownership of your property by way of a gift rather than by way of sale or purchase.


If you pass the ownership of your property to another and you don’t receive any financial or other reward for it then you are effectively making a gift.


Equity Release Plans

This is a means of releasing capital from the equity in your home. It is a type of mortgage without the requirement to make monthly repayments. There are different types of Equity Release Plans and a financial adviser specialising in this area will advise you according to your wants and needs.


Right to Buy

Under a right to buy scheme you, as a tenant of a council or housing association owned property, have the opportunity to purchase the property at a discounted price.


Shared Ownership

Shared ownership allows a housing association to sell a share in their housing stock. The most common scheme allows you as the purchaser to buy just a percentage of the property say 50% with a view to purchasing more at a later date, this later purchase of more is known as staircasing.


New Build

The purchase of a property which is a new construction can begin before the build has even started.



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