Wigan fly tipping revenge

A Wigan farmer took revenge on a fly-tipper by emptying the 421 tyres that had been dumped on his land back onto the culprit’s doorstep.

56 year old Mr Stuart Baldwin captured the rubbish dumping incident on CCTV on his Greater Manchester farm and posted pictures from the footage on social media. He then tracked the alleged fly-tipper to a property near his farm and then gave the perpetrator three days to clean up the mess.

After the deadline passed, and nothing had been done to remove the rubbish, Mr Baldwin loaded the tyres into a truck and dropped them on the doorstep of the person he believed was responsible.

Mr Baldwin later commented, “Revenge is best served cold, isn’t it? People in the community have called me a legend and a hero. Hopefully people will now think twice now about dumping on our land. I got sick of it so I thought I would do a bit back. I just thought ‘I’ve had enough of this’. Fly-tipping is horrendous – why should farmers put up with it?”

Footage of Mr Baldwin’s actions has gone viral after a clip showing the tyres being tipped from a truck onto the pavement outside the alleged culprit’s property was posted online. Social media users have shown their appreciation for Mr Baldwin’s unique form of retribution. One user commented, “I have lost count of the number of days I wake up and find some low life has fly-tipped on our land. Good on you for finding the culprit.”

A spokesman for Wigan council said it was investigating the incident and urged the public to contact the council should they have information relating to the fly-tipping incident.