European countries plan a loosening of their lockdowns

As of the 27th April it has been reported that the French Government is unveiling plans to lift their current lockdown restrictions. Whilst there is reported objections from parents who oppose the reopening of schools and opposition for rail unions the French President is looking to essentially begin reopening the country from May 11th.

French restaurants, bars, theatres and cinema’s will remain closed but schools are expected to begin reopening. This is despite certain headteachers maintaining that they will not reopen their schools as instructed by the Government.

At the same time Italy, the country hit hardest by the Covid-19 outbreak and the first country to impose a lockdown, is planning to reopen businesses at the beginning of May. But by contrast the Italians intend keeping schools closed until September with their intention, according to the Italian Prime Minister, being to provide a phased exit from lockdown. This will entail reopening factories and construction sites from May 4th with restaurants and bars to be reopened at a future undefined point.

The Italian PM, Mr Conte, told newspapers, “We can’t prolong this any longer. We would risk seriously undermining the socio-economic fabric of the country.”

At the same time Spain, which has maintained one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns, is now allowing children under 14 out for walks with their parents for the first time since lockdown rules were established in mid-March. Spanish adults will be able to exercise outdoors from the beginning of May. The Spanish PM, Mr Pedro Sánchez, warned that a series of remaining restrictions would only start being lifted from the 9th May.

As of the end of April, as written, the number of Covid-19 fatalities has been seen to be falling in France, Italy and Spain.