Royal Mail Sued After Dog Bite

A postwoman is suing Royal Mail for £50,000 after losing part of her finger during her delivery round. 

Clare Offord, 41 was covering a colleague’s round in Romford, east London, when she lost part of her finger after being bitten by a dog. She claims she was not warned about the dangerous dog, but was warned not to leave mail hanging out of the letterbox due to thefts in the area. 

The claimant, Clare, subsequently put her hand through the letter box to deliver a “missed parcel” card when she felt the bite. She was taken to hospital but, despite surgery, has been left without large parts of the ring and middle fingers on her left hand.

Clare’s barrister, Ben Rodgers, told the court in a pre-trial hearing at the Central London County Court, “Her fingers are not going to grow back.”  Mrs Offord’s legal team say she had been told never to leave an item hanging out of a letter box, due to the risk of theft. But she had not been given a posting peg, a plastic device used to deliver mail without staff having to put their fingers through a letter box. The presence of the dog was also not noted on the “walk log”, it is claimed.

Rodgers (Clare’s Barrister) told Judge Caroline Wilkinson, presiding, that the owner of the dog had been convicted of a Dangerous Dogs Act offence. A spokesman for Royal Mail said, “We welcomed the prosecution and conviction against the person in charge of the dog at the time of the attack.”

Royal Mail denies liability for her injuries however and disputes the £50,000 damages she is claiming.

The case continues.