Millionaire sues for £100k for lack of internet at home

There are usually other considerations when buying a property in the North West of England. Considerations such as whether the drains are connected to the Utility Company or whether there are planning issues that might affect the property in the future.

By contrast a gentleman in London is suing the owners of the building where lives for £100,000 after claiming that they had an obligation to provide broadband. Mr Stephen Shalson had to log on at his local library in order to get online and as such his legal team are arguing that the £3 million pound price tag of his property entitled him to an internet connection.

For two years Mr Shalson, aged 70, and a travel industry executive, was forced to leave his apartment, descend 30 floors, and make his way to the local library. The broadband service was finally established in 2016, however the gentleman has latterly decided to bring his claim for compensation before the courts.

Daniel Goodkin, Mr Shalson’s barrister, told a pretrial hearing at Central London County Court, “Given the price of the apartment … it was so obvious as not to require express statement that it would have a good quality internet service.”. By return solicitors representing the owners of Heron Towers  deny responsibility or liability and states that broadband was not in the terms of sale.

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