Huge divorce payment ratified

A court heard that a wife finally managed to serve papers on her billionaire ex-husband after an earlier attempt using the Social Media platform WhatsApp, failed.

Tatiana Akhmedova was awarded 41.5% of her husbands estate by a British Divorce Court at the end of 2016. However her former spouse, Mr Farkhad Akhmedov, has yet to make payment.

The petitioner, Tatiana, is a British subject and Mr Justice Haddon-Cav has suggested that she should walk away with £453 million. By contrast Mrs Justice Gywnneth Knowles, from the High Court’s family division, commented that, “regrettably” Mr Akhmedov, aged 64, had “regrettably” not voluntarily paid a penny of the amount owed.

However five million has been paid after UK enforcement action was undertaken.   

Mrs Akhmedova, in her forties, had initiated legal action both in Britain and abroad to commence freezing her former husband’s assets. With a view to the latest litigation attempts Mrs Justice Knowles commented that Ms Akhmedova had at least succeeded in her attempts to serve papers to freeze his assets.

Earlier attempts to deliver court papers to his Moscow office address failed when they were. “refused”. Separately attempts to serve the documents by WhatsApp were unsuccessful after Mr Akhmedov blocked her number.

By contrast the judge said the papers had been served on the 22nd August as the result of an email being seemingly received to Mr Akhmedov’s personal email address that didn’t trigger any form of bounce-back.

A spokesperson representing Mr Akhmedov’s solicitor commented that his ex-wife’s attempts to seize assets were, “as misguided as the original English High Court ruling”. 

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